What Will Happen if all Filipinos in Kuwait are Sent Back to The Philippines?

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures during a news conference on Nov. 14, 2017. © Reuters

KUWAIT – On Wednesday, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he will withdraw all Filipinos working in Kuwait and be sent back to Philippines if another Filipino worker dies in the Gulf country.

On Saturday, the Philippines suspended the deployment of workers to Kuwait when the news of seven deaths of Filipino workers spread and it has since then caused an uneasiness among the Filipino community in Kuwait.

Unfortunately, Filipinos working in Kuwait will be affected especially those who have already established a permanent residence and those who have already built a strong professional career in the Gulf state.

However, the Philippine as a whole will not be affected much. Yes, there will be a decline in OFW remittances and there will definitely be a lot of inconveniences. Yes, a lot of OFWs will lose their job. Perhaps for a few months, or probably for a year. But Filipinos are resilient and no matter how hard the situations are, we will stand up and we will find another work soon enough.

Fortunately enough, Filipino workforce is highly in demand around the world. It may be bothersome for all Filipinos in Kuwait to find another jobs from other countries, but we will still survive.

The question is, will Kuwait Survive without the Filipinos? Worst case scenario, the Kuwait economy will crash to the point where it may be impossible for them to get back up. To be brutally honest, the Kuwait economy is mostly ran by the skilled and the unskilled workers, professional and non-professionals. In all fields of the Kuwait economy, Filipino talents are necessary.

“I’m sorry. The Filipinos there, you can all go home. Tutal kapag umalis kayong mga Filipino they will also be having a hell of a time adjusting there,” President Duterte said in a speech before leaving for his trip to India.

Being an OFW in Kuwait myself, wherever you go and wherever you look at, it is impossible not to be able to find a single Filipino in the gulf state. If the Kuwait Government will continue to ignore protecting its Filipino Expats, Kuwait will suffer more damage than the Philippines.

Kuwait and the Philippines will still share mutual benefits and interests if the OFWs will be permitted to remain in the Gulf state. However, if the Philippine government decides to push through the withdrawal of its citizens from Kuwait, unprecedented repercussions will be needed to address by the Kuwait Government – and it will surely be messy.


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  1. Para po sa lahat ng mga ofw na household service workers dito sa Kuwait. ..nasa maayos o hindi ang kalagayan namin dito mas makakabuti po sa lahat ang naging desisyon ng mahal na president. ..Base po sa aking sariling pakikipagusap sa employer ko..ay ganon na lamang pagkadismaya ko sa kanyang isinagot sa mga tanong ko…sabi ko po nais ng aming predente na umuwi na ang mga nais umuwi…may mga problema sa employer nila ..sa mga workers po kami yung apektado ….pinagtatawanan lang po nila ang aking opinion at humihingi lang daw po kayo ng mataas na lagay. At malaki daw po said namin dito kesa ibang gulf …so ibig pong sabihin para po sa kanila ang ating gobyerno at kami ay pera ang habol dito sa bansa nila…kaya ganon na lamang nila kami alilain dahil sa pera na pinapasweldo samin. ..at kung mangyari po na hindi kami maisalba dito lalo lamang nila kami aapakan at pagtatawanan…lalong lalo na po ang kontrata ay hindi nila susundin ….kaya ang mensahe ko po sa inyo mahal naming president nawa po ay hindi na magbago ang inyong desisyon…at sana po ay imbitahan nyo lahat ng household workers dito at pakinggan ang hinaing ng bawat isa sa amin…maraming salamat po sa pagbibigay sa amin ng atensyon. …gumagalang….AGNES. …

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