Kuwaiti National Posted an Open Letter to Filipinos: We can’t progress rapidly without the good people of the Philippines

(C) Mohd Alawadi Facebook Profile

(C) Mohd Alawadi Facebook Profile

To whom it may concern :

Affirming that our two countries have maintained and will maintain distinguished ties , and recalling the republic of the Philippines being among the 32 nations on 1990 , fighting the cruelty of another nation against Kuwait as if it was yesterday.

I believe that Nurses , engineers, teachers , technicians , sales , mechanics, and beauticians… are not Slaves in Kuwait 🇰🇼 !

The number of Filipinos in Kuwait exceeds 170,000 among them wives and mothers of Kuwaiti citizens , where some of the Filipino citizens even holding Kuwaiti nationality!

Have you ever heard of a country giving their Nationality and passports to slaves !

We share the same values !

To remind myself that over 5,474 crimes were committed in 2016 only in Manila itself !

Index crimes are crimes against persons and property such as murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, and car theft/carjacking.

“Few cases in Kuwait ( that we really regret ) cannot be used as a criterion to assess the overall status of the Philippines’ workers in the country,”!

Legal measures had been taken regarding the cases of the Filipinos .

Kuwait enjoys “a bright image on treating expatriate workers and has laws that preserve their rights and organize their relations with the employers .

Kuwait’s laws and regulations protect the expatriates against any attacks or abuse and this fact has turned it into a favored destination for expats to work in our country.

I believe, both countries has to extend their efforts to protect all of our guests including Filipino.

One of the measures is to sign the MOU memorandum of understanding for more protection to expats between the two countries as soon as possible.

One more thing : and in order that the embassy of Philippines 🇵🇭 in Kuwait to carry out their duties… Sufficient budget has to be allocated to the ambassador .

A ( Kuwait- Philippines ) friendship committee , has to be established from the two nations to follow up the interest of both sides .

I believe – Now – it’s the obligation of all the Filipinos in Kuwait ( the silent party ) is to voice out and extend their message to the media in Philippine stating :

“ We Are Safe In Kuwait… We love Kuwait 🇰🇼, where some of us spent years and years on this land “ !

Hope everything will return to normal !

We can’t progress rapidly without the good people of Philippines 🇵🇭

Here is the original post from his facebook account.


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