Latest Update on Deployment Ban in Kuwait from the Embassy: Visa 18 is not Included

The Official Facebook Account of Mr. Raul Dado, the previous Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, has released the latest update and clarification regarding deployment ban in Kuwait. Please read.



1. The President has ordered the Department of Labor that the ban will only affect Household Workers coming for the first time to Kuwait, not visa 18 or working visa holders

2. Household workers already in Kuwait and who do not suffer problems or abuses can also stay in Kuwait.

This means that Kuwait can still hire skilled workers in Kuwait. And for those House hold workers in Kuwait who wanted to go for vacation and still wanna go back to their previous employer will not be affected.


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  1. So it means ang mga Hoteliers ay hindi sakop ng deployment ban? Please reply po kasi need ko makaalis before 25th of February or else hindi na po matutuloy yung employment ko. Malaki na din ang gastos ko for requirements po.


      • hindi talaga pwidi kung bisahan ka ng 18 visa bat nman ban.dinamay pa ang hindi apat idamay paano nman ang mga katulad nmin single mam lng kung magaaply nman sa iba marapang bayaran at ibadsak sa ibang lugar kunti lng pinay Aral nahihirapan mag aply sa ibang lugar.dinaman magbibigay yong suwildo nmin sa kuwait dto sa pinas may pamilya kami .. yan lng binubuhay nmin sa pamilya namin pag aanrod lng ngayon anong kakain dto sa pinas at paano makapag Aral ang mga ano nmin

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    • ako din. need to get out before march 6. all this waiting is killing me. need ko trabaho. kung patupad man, sana bigyan ako ng DOLE ng trabaho katumbas ng offer sakin sa Kuwait.


  2. Sana. Naman po totoo..ito kc ang anak ko my visa na 21 feb..expiry date ..nya..OEC na lng hinihintay…pls reply..poh..thank U Godbless


  3. Thank you tatay digon appreciate what are you doing to our nation now hopefully there are many people like you my allah bless you and protect you from those and your family


  4. Peace and goodwill to the people behind your noble endeavor… i would like to ask if we can secure a copy of the list of all the Filipino OFW who has safely arrived home in the Philippines? As well as those who are in the waiting list (waiting for their turn to get a flight back.. if there is such a list..).

    I am also an OFW in Brunei.. Where there are a lot of abusive employers taking advantage of being able to curtail the original contracts presented to POEA and DOLE (mostly committed by foreign employers and not by the local Bruneian employers…).

    But my main concern on sending you this message is that i have a friend who works in Kuwait that sent me a message last Sunday saying she and her 2 other co.workers decided to escape their employer who is also very abusive. she also said said that they are going to avail the free ticket ride back home (says it was the last day…)

    I was on the phone with her until they arrived at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. She also said that the use of mobile phones are not allowed in the embassy. And they will be asked to turn off or deposit (not sure which..) their means of communication.

    Since then (Sunday – 02/11/2018)i i could not reach her number through phonecall or through internet messaging/calling. My apologies but I am just so nervous and frightened on having no news from her and her friends. Considering i have read a news that some OFWs ended up wandering in the streets or ended up in the wrong hands of much cruel and abusive men.

    Please.. please help us (other relatives and dear ones having/suffering with the same dilemma…) thank you so much for your time in reading my message.. Wish you guys all the best and God Bless..

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