BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION Prevents the Departure of all OFWs Bound to Kuwait

KUWAIT – In a memorandum released by the Bureau Of Immigration dated February 12, 2018; all terminal head supervisors, duty immigration supervisors, primary inspectors, and all personnels are directed to PREVENT ALL OFWs TO LEAVE THE PHILIPPINES BOUND TO KUWAIT thereby enforcing the Administrative Order issued by DOLE Secretary Silvestre Belo III ordering the TOTAL DEPLOYMENT BAN of all OFWs to KUWAIT.

See the official memorandum from the Bureau of Immigration.

This means that there will be NO Filipino to be allowed to go back to Kuwait regardless of their visa status, and whether they are returnees or new until further notice.

This means that those who went back to the Philippines for vacation and has already booked their flights to come back to Kuwait must wait for further notice.

For now, the Memorandum is clear: Prevents the Departure of all OFWs Bound to Kuwait


8 thoughts on “BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION Prevents the Departure of all OFWs Bound to Kuwait

  1. I am Filipino in Kuwait I want to go vacation on Malaysia next month, am I gonna be held in immigration also or I can go vacation normally on different country?


      1. I want can to clarify, ifI go for a vacation from Kuwait to other country instead of Philippines I can still come back as long as I dont enter Philippines? Am I getting it right?

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  2. I’m Going to vacation this coming Feb.20 2018 po..ask ko lang f makakabalik po ba ako…5 months vacation ko sa pinas…pls answer me thanks…Godbless us..

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