Salaries will be through KNET/ATM for Filipino Domestic Workers in Kuwait

Philippine Ambassador to the country Renato Pedro Ovila disclosed the details of his foreign minister’s meeting with the Kuwaiti ambassador in Manila, Assistant to Al-Zawikh, where they discussed the situation of the Philippine employment in Kuwait. He pointed out that the two sides agreed on the importance of the joint meeting scheduled to be held next March on signing a new agreement For domestic workers to ensure their rights and protect them from abuse or abuse, explaining that it is under discussion on determining the date and place.

In a statement to the news agency, Ophila said that his country’s foreign minister had asked the Kuwaiti ambassador to extend the deadline given by the Ministry of the Interior to the violators of the Kuwaiti residency law to benefit all members of the Filipino community in Kuwait. From the incident of the victim of the freezer.

He pointed out that 900 of the community members of the violators of the law of residence have already left Kuwait, as well as access to 1800 of the community is cleared from the Ministry of the Interior out of 3000 submitted to take advantage of the deadline granted by the Interior of the violators, according to statistics of the embassy, indicating that the embassy expects That the number of applicants to benefit from the deadline during the current period.

The Philippine Foreign Ministry also proposed that the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait keep the passports of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait in order to prevent misuse by homeowners.

Philippine Foreign Affairs Minister Alain Kaitano said that if the passport remained in the hands of the Filipino worker, it would be her responsibility to the Kuwaiti government if she left the employer. So the compromise is that the Philippine embassy in Kuwait keeps passports. ”

The Philippine Foreign Minister said that some Kuwaiti homeowners holding passports of Filipino workers were preventing them from leaving and reporting violations.

In particular, the Philippine Passport Act of 1996 states: “The Philippine passport shall remain at all times owned by the Government of the Philippines and the holder of the passport shall be a holder of it, as long as the passport is valid and may not be handed over to any person or entity other than the Government or Representatives. ” This means that under the law, it is not permissible to hand over the passport even to homeowners and businesses.

He added that the system of salaries of domestic workers should be done through ATM cards, and said at least when dealing with ATMs, in banks, there will be an electronic record to enable us to know whether the workers get their salaries or not.

Cayetano also proposed the idea of creating an international line for Filipino migrant workers to report their concerns immediately.

On the other hand, the Philippine government has formed a technical committee of members of the People’s Assembly, whose task is to set a budget for the repatriation of Filipino workers from the Middle East, including those returning from Kuwait.

Gisolito Manalo, chairman of the committee, said that the committee is working in the light of the remarks made by Philippine President Rodrigo Dutertti, which revolves around the axis of preserving the dignity of Philippine employment.

The new committee is trying to ensure the rapid settlement of Filipino workers in the Philippines, The Philippine Labor and Employment Minister Silvestre Bello had proposed to the Philippine Congress an increase of 1.1 billion Philippine pesos in the Ministry of Labor budget for the purpose of resettling Filipino workers returning from the Eastern Mediterranean region In the light of the directives of President Rodrigo Duterti.

Members of the Philippine Congress last Wednesday expected the return of 10,000 Filipino workers from Kuwait alone, most of whom would finish working in Kuwait, and called on the Philippine government to urgently prepare for resettlement in the Philippines


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