The 2019 Philippine election is fast approaching and we have probably seen the interested individuals who will run the senatorial office next year.

After the sweet defeat of the american-citizen Grace Poe to the Philippine presidential election in 2016, many are speculating that she will be running for the legislative office again.

And if ever she wins the senatorial office again, we need to prepare ourselves for the dark age of information dissemination as she plans to block facebook all over the Philippines.

Is it possible to block facebook?

Unfortunately, yes. It has already happened in China. And with the issue of unclear taxation setup between the Philippine Government and Facebook, it is probably one click away to totally ban facebook in the country.

What wil happen if Poe wins?

Grace Poe is an ally of the Liberal Party. Her winning the senatorial office will make the upper house be tainted with anti-people rhetoric and bills that would make the life of ordinary citizens miserable. Also, Liberal Party controls the Mainstream Media. If facebook is blocked all over the Philippines, we will only see what the LP wants us to see. We’ll never know the knowing that the mainstream media cannot be trusted anymore.

The only way to stop Grace Poe from blocking facebook is to stop her from winning the senatorial election this 2019.




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