For all the liberal fucks apologizing to Syria and questioning why, take a long look at every picture. To the civilians who don’t have to fight but continually criticize every military action, take a long look at each picture. For the people who hate Trump and disagree with him on everything just because of that premise, take a long look. In what universe is this tolerable. Before you criticize and complain about a “possible” war that your not even participating in look at all the facts, the pictures, and put yourself in their shoes. Then make your decision on if you felt it was right or not.

Just because it didn’t happen to you or to someone you know, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Many lives have been lost. No! People were murdered because of few elite’s interest. It is no longer about religion nor any political conflict. It is just outright murder and the rest of the world are being fed of misinformation about the conflict in Syria.

The United states and The British murdered these people. Contrary to what the mainstream media(CNN, FoxNews etc.) say that the Assad Government is behind the chemical attack on its people, the real perpetrators of this attack are the US, UK, and France.

This (genocide) is something that is not new anymore because these powerful countries have initiated murdering people long before we know it. Yet, no matter how many times it happen in the human history no one in their sane mind would get used to this.

Note: This blog post may not last for a few days once they have figured this out. Share as many as possible you can.


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