The Aquino Credit Grab Never Stops

President Duterte recently signed into action, RA 11035. And once again, Senator “Bam” Aquino was there to take credit for something that was technically never his to begin with.

And here’s precisely why:

With Presidential Decree No. 819 dated 24 October 1975, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos established the BSP (Balik Scientist Program) for a period of five (5) years.

A letter of Instruction, No. 1044 dated 18 July 1980 extended the implementation of the BSP up to 1986.

What is with the Aquino mindset? This horseshit harkins back to 2010, when BS Aquino tried to take credit for creating the “No Wang Wang” law. Only to find out, with PD #96, Marcos created that in 1973.


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