How to apply for UMID ID

Most of us want to have a UMID Card because it is a valid identification card to many establishments. But do you know that it is a powerful 4 in 1 card for your SSS, GSIS, PagIBIG, PhilHealth transactions. The new UMID Card can also be used as an ATM to withdraw your SSS Loan and Benefits. Here’s HOW TO APPLY FOR UMID Card.

The Unified Multi Purpose Card (UMID) is the Unified ID Card of SSS,  GSIS, PhilHealth and PagIBIG. The new UMID being released by the SSS (as of April 2017) uses a contact less smartchip technology that stores member’s SSS information and biometrics data such as fingerprints, facial image and signature.

Aside from identification purpose, the UMID card can be used in withdrawing benefits and loans proceeds from ATMs. Loan releases and benefit payments can now be paid via deposit to the bank account of the member/beneficiary where the UMID card is enrolled as an ATM.

The SSS issues UMID cards to its members comprising of private sector workers; GSIS to public sector workers, and PhilHealth to those not covered by either SSS or GSIS.

How to Apply for UMID card?


For First Time Application

1 Member has no existing UMID Cards issued by GSIS or PhilHealth.

2 Member has at least one (1) month contribution and a valid Date of Coverage;

3 Member Information (SS Number, Name (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name), Date of Birth, Gender) must be the same in the UMID Card Application and SSS Membership database.

4 Valid Identification Card Photocopy (Bring the original card/document for verification). Click here to check the list of documents honored by SSS.

For UMID Card Replacement

1 Replacement fee amounting to Php 300. The same fee shall apply for the following.

▪ Correction/Change of name (e.g., from maiden name to married name)

▪ Correction of date/place of birth and/or sex

▪ Replacement of lost/damaged card

▪ Change of home address

▪ Change of authenticating finger due to amputation/sickness (e.g., index to middle finger)

▪ Update of member’s photo

▪ Change of old card to new card

▪ Change of specimen signature printed on the card

2 For lost or non-received cards, the submission of a duly-notarized affidavit of non-receipt of card, or notarized affidavit of loss is required.

3 For card replacement caused by change or correction of member information, the old SS ID/UMID Card must be surrendered.


1 Visit the nearest SSS Branch that has UMID enrollment/ ID Capture facility. Not all SSS Branches have the Data Capture facility. Their big branches have one for sure. Better contact first the SSS to know if the SSS Branch near you has an ID Capture facility.

2 Fill up the Multi Purpose ID (UMID) Card Application Form.

3 Bring one of the primary valid ID’s. (Passport, Driver’s License, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card, Seaman’s Book (Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book). If you do not have one, bring two of your secondary identification card/documents. You may check the list of documents being honored by SSS here.

4 Double check and verify the form before submitting to the verification counter. Take note that:

▪ All fields in the UMID Card Application Form must be properly completed, particularly the address, and without erasures and alterations. Always indicate “N/A” or “Not Applicable,” if the required data is not applicable.

▪ At least one (1) contact information detail (such as email address, home landline or mobile phone number) must be provided by the applicant in order for the SSS to notify him/her on the status of the card application.

▪ For those who wish to enroll their UMID as an ATM card, the applicant must specify the preferred SSS-accredited bank on the application form.

▪ The applicant should indicate his/her permanent address rather than the temporary mailing address. For example, if he/she has permanent residence in the province but is working or staying in Metro Manila during weekdays, he/she should indicate the provincial address instead of the Metro Manila address.

5 After verification, you will be instructed to proceed to the ID capture booth, fingerprint scanning and electronic signature process.

6 Based on the SSS Guidebook, after verification and printing of card, UMID is then packaged and sent to PhilPost for delivery via registered mail. Mailing takes five (5) to seven (7) working days for addresses in Metro Manila, seven (7) to ten (10) working days for outside Metro Manila, and ten (10) to 20 working days for remote areas.

7 Visit any SSS Branch near you, or SSS Kiosks available in some Malls, to activate your UMID Card. You can then use your UMID card to inquire your SSS Information like Eligibility to benefits, Contribution, Loans thru SSS Kiosk.

What documents are needed to apply for the UMID card? One (1) PRIMARY ID CARDS and/or documents

▪ Passport

▪ Driver’s License

▪ PRC Card

▪ Seaman’s Book (Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book)

In the absence of the above Primary ID cards and/or documents, any two (2) of the

following Secondary ID cards/documents, both of which should bear the correct name of the person, and at least one (1) with the correct date of birth:

1 Postal ID

2 School or Company ID

3 TIN Card

4 Membership Card issued by Private Companies

5 OWWA Card

6 Senior Citizen card

7 Voter’s ID card/Affidavit/Certificate of Registration with COMELEC

8 Alien Certificate of Registration

9 ATM card with cardholder’s name; or bank certification if without cardholder’s name

10 Birth Certificate

11 Bank Account Passbook

12 Baptismal Certificate

13 Credit card

14 Firearm License Card issued by the PNP

15 Fishworker’s License issued by BFAR

16 GSIS Card/Member’s Record/Certificate of Membership

17 Health or Medical Card

18 Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form

19 ID Card issued by LGUs (e.g., Barangay/Municipality/City)

20 ID Card issued by professional associations recognized by the PRC

21 Life Insurance Policy

22 Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate

23 NBI Clearance

24 PhilHealth Member’s Data Record

25 Police Clearance

26 Seafarer’s Registration Certificate issued by POEA

27 Student Permit issued by the LTO

28 Transcript of School Records

29 Certificate from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples or Office of Muslim Affairs

30 Certificate of Licensure/Qualification documents from MARINA

31 Certificate of Naturalization from BI

32 Birth/Baptismal Certificate of child/children or its equivalent

Disclaimer: This site is not the official website/blog of the Philippine Social Security System. We only aim to provide searchable and organized information about SSS related information. We are in no way connected to SSS or its employees. Please do not leave your information like SSS Number, Name and follow up inquiries as the site administrators cannot help you with that


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