Trillanes hits Duterte anew: “We never had a president or commander-in-chief who is godless or anti-god.”

Manila, Philippines – Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said in an interview with Inquirer that the Philippines never had a president or commander-in-chief who is godless or anti-god.

Trillanes made the statement when he was asked on what he would rather want Duterte do with regards to the West Philippine Sea.

“That’s clearly a deal breaker for a lot of Filipino citizens, as well as officers. To be mocked for your faith is something serious.” Trillanes added.

“Now as regards what Duterte should have done, he should first strengthen our alliances with our strategic allies and regional allies, like the U.S., Australia, Japan, South Korea, then ASEAN. He should encourage the increase in the frequency of freedom of navigation patrols by these countries in the West Philippine Sea region. He should call for a regional summit, to raise the awareness of the international community as regards what’s happening in this particular area of the world. Finally, he should fast-track the ratification of EDCA [Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement] and the AFP modernization. These are just some of the measures that can at least offset the moves of China.” The opposition senator said, answering the WPS concern.

Trillanes was also asked if there is any movement about the plunder case he filed against the president over the alleged huge amount of money that he claimed Duterte is hiding in his secret bank accounts.

The former mutineer said that there has been no progress on the said case because of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) which won’t give the investigative report as part of the evidence to pursue the case.*

“The president is immune from suit, but it doesn’t mean he cannot be investigated. He can be investigated and the basis of that investigation, the results, can be used as a basis for impeachment. But since Duterte’s appointee is effectively covering up for Duterte, the Ombudsman cannot move ahead without those documents.” Trillanes said.

During the interview with Inquirer, the senator maintained that Duterte and his son are the key figure in drug smuggling in Davao.

When asked for a proof, the opposition senator said:

“During the investigation, in relation to the seizure of P6.4 billion [worth of] shabu, the major players were all linked to Paolo Duterte [the president’s son]. Look at Mr. Duterte. For all his rhetoric on his war on drugs, his supposed personal crusade against illegal drugs, what did he do in this case? He didn’t even utter a single word. Worse, the prosecutor who dismissed the cases against these players was promoted to judge by Mr. Duterte.”*

“Right now, the only person who was charged in relation to this case was the warehouse guy. It’s a fake war on drugs.”he added.

Trillanes also pointed out that when it comes to drug problem, Philippines is nowhere near the magnitude in Colombia and Mexico, thus, Duterte’s war on illegal drugs really “strikes a chord in the hearts of Filipinos, especially the parents.”

“That’s why he created a demand for the brand of governance that he represented, because he didn’t know anything else, he couldn’t fashion himself as the guy who would turn around the economy and eradicate poverty. But the problem is, he was so good lying with a straight face that people bought into that.” He said.


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