Warrant of Arrest ni Trillanes, Naaayon sa Batas -Panelo

RE: Warrant of Arrest against Senator Trillanes

Contrary to the claim of Mr. Trillanes and his usual handful of supporters, the court’s issuance of a warrant of arrest against him is anchored on legal ground. The erstwhile and unrepentant rebel was given his day in court. He could not substantiate his assertion that he has complied with the legal requirements on a grant of amnesty making the same a nullity thereby validating the government’s position on the matter. The court ruled correctly on the basis of the facts and circumstances brought before it.

Ultimately, the legal precepts are clear: 1. Senator Trillanes is required to file his amnesty application personally; 2. Senator Trillanes is required to admit his guilt, without any qualification; 3. The exercise of the power to grant amnesty is personal to the President and, therefore, cannot be delegated; and 4. Senator Trillanes should exemplify his bona fide intention to uphold the rule of law and give respect to the authority of the duly constituted bodies of govenment.

Instead of milking the issue and acting pathetically as if he is a victim of injustice, as well as desperately trying to influence and subverting the independence of the Judiciary, Trillanes should focus on his legal defense. He should face the music and dance his way either to freedom or back to jail. Judge Alameda has earned the reputation for independence and probity and that should assure Trillanes that he is getting a fair hearing before the court.


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