9 Reasons to Visit Georgia on Winter

Everyone wants to travel and explore places we’ve never been because humans were originally nomadic species. Wanderlust is imprinted into our DNA that even the most introvert persons you know will find it exciting to go somewhere new. Most especially if we’re traveling to Europe.

However, no matter how badly we want to travel abroad to explore the world there are a lot of things that we still need to worry and consider. That includes travel cost, visa, etc.

Fortunately, there is a country in Europe that will make you want to book your flight now that is budget-friendly and tourist-friendly! This country is called Georgia. I’ve written down the nine reasons why you should visit Georgia.

9. No VISA

If you are a GCC resident (expats and citizens), you don’t need to acquire a visa neither online nor to the Georgian consulate regardless of your nationality. Your nationality carries no weight at all just as long as you are a GCC resident. Whether you’re on a working visa or family visa in GCC, all you have to do is book a flight to go there!

However, there is one restriction. Your visa from the country of origin and/or your passport must have at least 6 months validity.

I met a Filipina in Gudauri Ski Resort who works in Kuwait. I asked her what does she do in Kuwait. She said that she’s a nanny (Kadama/Domestic Helper). She travelled to Georgia with a friend who also works as a nanny in Kuwait.

For non-GCC residents, you can check your Georgian consulate / embassy in your specific country. Applying for a visa won’t give you hassles unlike other countries. Georgia rely so much to their Tourism industry, so getting a visa won’t be an arduous task.

8. Everything is Cheap!

From plane tickets to accommodations to food and tours, everything is cheap!

For an expat millennial like me, budget is the most important thing to consider.

There are tour packages from different travel agencies like (insert travel agency here). Group Tour packages for 3D2N or 4D3N with flight and accommodation ranging from 150KD or 500USD to 200KD or 670USD.

I didn’t get the tour package because my flight and hotel was sponsored by Mastercard Middle East.

You can also book a private tour with some of the local guides here in Georgia.

In my case, I booked a private tour with a local tour guide Mr. Tornike Ghvaberidze or Toni for short. He was referred by a friend who already visited Georgia a few months back.

Behind me is Mr. Tornike, a local tour guide in Tblisi who speaks English fluently. You can contact him by subscribing to the newsletter of this website.

Hotels and accommodations are also cheap in Georgia. For as low as 70 Gel/night per person, you can have a decent standard size room with breakfast in Tblisi. For hostels, you can have at least 15 Gel/night per person. This is very cheap even for me who originally came from a third world country like the Philippines.

Souvenirs and other novelty items can be paid by cash or by Mastercard Credit Card or Debit Card that are surprisingly cheap. Even museum entrance fees and small retail stores accept Mastercard!

When My colleague and I was roaming around Tblisi, I was itching to buy a new pair of shoes. So we walked along the corner of Galleria Mall and found Corso Italia. You can see the high quality of shoes at very reasonable prices. We bought 3 pairs!

Between Merani and Galleria Mall, we found LCWAIKIKI who sells high quality apparels at reasonable prices. We bought trousers and sweaters!

If you’re planning to buy winter clothes from your country before you go to Georgia, don’t do it. Branded winter clothes are at least 70% cheaper in Georgia than in your country.

Other services like haircut, manicure, pedicures and massage are also cheap.

My haircut from podium cost only 15 Gel. Podium is located in side the Galleria Mall in the Liberty Square.

7. Picturesque Sceneries

While driving en route our different destinations in Georgia, we were amazed by the beautiful sceneries. So don’t sleep inside the car or the bus so you won’t miss having eye-gasm.

Kvareli City, Kvareli Lake

Signaghi City, The City of Love.

The landscapes and the majestic sceneries are all worth the wait after each journey going from one site to another.

Pine Trees in Khareba

Jinvali Water Reservoir

Overlooking from the Top of Uplistsikhe Cave.

Uplistsikhe Cave ( An ancient Cave city)

Kvareli City

Overlooking of the Bodbe Monastery

Bodbe Monastery Strawberry Farm

Overlooking from the Ananuri Fortress.

Pine trees along the Signaghi city council.

Overlooking from the Ananuri Fortress

Breath-taking view from the top of the Jvari Monastery.

These are only few of the amazing sites you can see in Georgia. So be sure to have a fully charged, high-resolution camera with an an extra power-bank so you’ll never run out of juice because Mother earth did an amazing job in Georgia!

6. Rich Culture, Heritage and Centuries Old Architecture

Your tour guide will bring you to the most famous sites in Georgia while he tells you the story behind those sites. I may not be a history geek, but hearing those stories that happened centuries and sometimes a millennium ago still baffles and amazes me.

Bodbe Monastery

Ananuri Fortress

Ananuri (Georgian: ანანური) is a fortress situated on the foreland by the Aragvi River, not far from Zhinvali water reservoir and about 70 km from Tbilisi, Georgia. It was built by the Dukes of Aragvi and its earliest parts date from the 13th century.

Ananuri Fortress

Outside the Jozef Stalin Museum in Gori City

Uplistsikhe is an ancient rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia, some 10 kilometers east of the town of Gori, Shida Kartli. This ancient cave town is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site

Jozef Stalin’s poverty-stricken family house where it all began. According to the history, Josef Stalin never returned to his child-hood home because it reminded him of their impoverished situation growing up.

Jvari Monastery is a sixth century Georgian Orthodox monastery near Mtskheta, eastern Georgia. Along with other historic structures of Mtskheta, it is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral located in the historic town of Mtskheta, Georgia, to the northwest of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Considered an endangered cultural landmark.

Inside the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Painting of Jozef Stalin on his death bed inside the Stalin Museum in Gori City.

Inside the Sighnaghi National Museum

A collection of paintings painted by Niko Phirosmani inside the Sighnaghi National Museum.

5. Delicious and Authentic Yet Cheap Georgian Cuisine

One of the things that I always look forward whenever I visit a new place is the local food.

Khinkali is a Georgian dumpling, which originated in the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Mtiuleti and Khevsureti. Varieties of khinkali spread from there across different parts of the Caucasus. The fillings of khinkali vary with the area. This Khinkali is from Caffe Accent in Meidan Square.

I saw this deli shop around Meidan Square.

These were the food that were served to us for breakfast on our first day in Oriental Hotel.

I have a magic power. I can make food disappear. 😂

4. Tblisi, Georgia is one of the safest city in the world

According to CEOWORLD Magazine, Tblisi was the 17th Safest City in the world in 2018.

As a foreigner, we must always consider whether a country protects the well-being of their foreign tourists. Fortunately, there are a lot of police patrol cars around Tblisi 24/7. Their emergency contact number is 112 which according to our local tour guide, responds immediately. Police patrol will arrive in your location within 10 seconds after a 112 call.

3. Wines, Chocolates, Rum and Chocolates!

Georgia is where you can buy the cheapest high-quality wine in the world!

Georgia exports wines to different parts of the world. When the wines left Georgia, the price explodes exponentially!

These are high-quality wines that can be sold from hundreds to thousands of dollars per bottle. In Georgia, they only cost with a minimum of 4USD/bottle.

Anywhere you look at, whether it’s inside or outside Tblisi, there are a lot of wine shops. Most of them offers free wine-tasting.

Internationally-acclaimed and Award-winning Winery Khareba offers a wide-range of wine-related activities for tourists.

Wine Tunnel owned by a winery Khareba is located close to the town of Kvareli, in region of Kakheti, republic of Georgia. It features not only exotic manmade tunnel built in the rocks, but it also has a large territory offering interesting attractions related to Georgian heritage.

Wine cellar inside the Tunnel in Winery Khareba

On the other hand, authentic Georgian Chocolates are also cheap.

And for those who love Rum and Chocolates, a chocolates with infused rums are abundant everywhere which are surprisingly cheap as well!

2. Snow, snow and more snow!

As someone who originally came from a tropical country and currently resides in the middle east, seeing and feeling the snow is a majestic encounter that will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.

Ms. Corazon, a fellow tourist that we met on our last night in Georgia said that when she saw the snow, she couldn’t help but weep. She was overwhelmed with joy.

Tourist can experience snow from December until the first week of April.

Snowy road heading to Bakuriani, Borjomi.

Preparing for the snowball fight! Bucketlist #26, ✔️

Bucketlist #25, showering myself with snow. ✔️

White forest at the top of the ski ground of Bakuriani Ski Resort

This is in Gudauri Ski Resort. Bucketlist #24, Make an angel on the snow. ✔️

You can also do a lot of snow-related activities like snowboarding, skiing, and paragliding!

This is me attempting to ski which I failed miserably.

Inside the cable car.

1. The Georgian People

The Georgians are few of the most beautiful people I have ever met. They are also sweet, kind and very accommodating. Some of them might seem rude to tourists but that’s only because few of them couldn’t speak English. But that’s fine because a lot of them speaks English really well.

They work in caffe accent in Meidan Square. The boy works as a waiter and the girl as a barker. They serve affordable and delicious food.

The beautiful woman was a hostess in Karaoke Bar in Meidan Square. On her right was Hamad, an Egyptian tourist we met.

My hair stylist in podium salon.

My ski instructors in Gudauri Ski Resort

He’s a Georgian teen who offers tour within Georgia.

Mr. Tornike, our amazing and well-spoken tour guide!

This has been an amazing adventure! I have seen and experienced a lot of wonderful things for the first time. I have also met a lot of wonderful people which taught me how small the world I have been living in.

I love you Georgia. You will always have a spot in my heart.

I will definitely see you again Georgia. But this time, I am gonna prepare for the big adventure on summer.

If you have been to Georgia, comment down your experience and photos! We’d love see them!


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